WHAT? After this week I can’t have any more Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Grapes, Pears?

That’s right.  Get your Sproule’s Fruit now before its gone!

Step 1 Step 2

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Haddie is wondering if this is how table grapes got their name! haha

Flavorful, seedless, purple grapes available now!

Nectarines are now available….as tree ripened as we can get!

We are picking daily now….FREESTONE PEACHES!  Sweet, juicy and tree ripened.

$40.00 per box or $35.00 per box when you buy 3 or more (boxes are 17-19 lbs)

Here is one of our favorite recipes when it comes to PEACHES

(and its just as good with NECTARINES)

We are picking Red Haven and Glowhaven Peaches

Hadley isn’t sure either

they are both PEACHY! (and so is she) Read the rest of this entry »

Plums are HERE!  Santa Rosa are a sweet flavorful plum.  Bree has hand sorted each plum and boxed them up.

This fragrant, flavorful, white flesh peach is perfect on hot summer days.  They are only here for a week.

We are expecting our Red Haven and Glohaven Peaches to be ready August 17 ish