Jamie and Alanah are picking the last of the LAPIN Cherries. Then a few days off and we will have Sweethearts available next week


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Good Crop of LAPINS this year. Waiting for the sun to sweeten them up. Ready for purchase on Wednesday July 17. We will pick Lapins for 10 days….then Sweetheart Cherries will be ready
We will have cherries available for sale until approx August 7

Picking Sunday July 14……packing Monday July 15

….come and get them on Monday July 15 at the red barn


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We are doing all we can to dry off the cherries so they wont split

2019 Cherry Crop

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Looks like a light but nice crop of cherries this year. We will start to harvest July 14
Cherries available for sale July 15 in the red barn

2019 Season Begins

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Out with the old and in with the new!
Neil, Loghan (oldest son) & TJ (son-in-law) are working hard cutting down the cherry and peach blocks. Rototilling and adding manure . We are replanting apricots and more peaches which means less cherries. Don’t worry….we will have enough to supply all the farmers markets. It means we are getting smaller but focusing more on less= better quality fruit for all of us!
Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank-you for supporting our farm!  We wish all our friends, family and customers a healthy, peaceful winter.  Check out instagram/facebook “sprouleandsonsfarm” to see what we do on the farm in the winter!

WHAT? After this week I can’t have any more Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Grapes, Pears?

That’s right.  Get your Sproule’s Fruit now before its gone!

Step 1 Step 2

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Haddie is wondering if this is how table grapes got their name! haha

Flavorful, seedless, purple grapes available now!