Composting at Sproule Organic FarmComposting
Every winter manure is hauled to our farm…..that’s when the composting process begins. Temperature rises to 130-140 degrees for several days. Decomposing is finished in 6 weeks. Neil spreads it under the trees in the spring.

Blossom & BeesPink Organic Fruit Blossom
Beginning in the early spring just before the blossoms open Bees are brought to the farm in hives. Once the blossoms are open and the temperature is up….the bees get busy pollinating all the fruit trees. Each type of fruit blossom smells different!

All of our pruning is done between October and March. Pruning helps invigorate the trees and allows light for bud and fruit development for the following season. If the temp goes below -10 degrees celecius…..we get the day off! After the pruning is completed all the branches are mulched up to be put back into the soil.